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Flower Care

Preserved Ecuadorian Roses

A concept that has been around since the 1900’s, but has become more advanced and modernized as time went by. The latest developments in rose perseveration techniques has granted us the ability to preserve the roses for several years, without them losing their natural beauty and elegance.

Only the highest quality of hand-picked Ecuadorian roses go through the stabilisation process. The roses are specifically selected at the prime of their lifecycle, at which point the advanced process to stabilize the roses leaf by leaf can commence. The natural sap of the rose is extracted and carefully replaced by a liquid substance that consists out of water, dyes and glycerine.

Long-lasting roses are generally easy to maintain. They require little to no attention at all, yet still manage to keep their original beauty for many years. We advise you to comply to the following guidelines for the best results:

  • Keep the roses inside the box at all times;
  • The roses are designed for indoor use;
  • Do not try to fold, crush or press on to the petals of the roses;
  • Occasionally dusting off the roses in a gentle manner is not an issue;
  • Do not water the roses;
  • Avoid placing the roses in direct sunlight or high humidity.
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